We Make Your Pool Brand New Again.  Our Total Pool Remodeling Services Are At Your Disposal.

Unfortunately, pool finishes and design trends don’t last forever. Over time, your plaster pool will crack, flake and perhaps even require major renovations.  

That’s where PoolMaxx comes in.  We are Houston’s most experienced pool company with family owned service that you just can’t find from other companies.  

We have a dedicated pool renovation team ready to work with you and design a new and updated pool look that will fit your style and budget.  

Stunning Transformation

This old pool when from green and unusable to a shimmering oasis.  The before and after photos tell the whole story.


Green & Disgusting

Remodel In Progress

Prepping The Surface For Plaster

New Finish Completed

Expertly installed & ready for water

What Can We Upgrade For Your Family?

For Energy Efficiency & Stunning Beauty – More than just pool plaster, tile & contrete work:

  • Installation of new energy-efficient plumbing
  • Add new state-of-the-art pool equipment, pumps, filters, and heaters.
  • Install computerized automatization and sanitization systems.
  • Replacement of chlorine pool to saltwater pool
  • Provide robotic cleaners

For Beautification

  • Update pool finish for beauty and longer life
  • Change tiles to mosaics and more
  • Add water features
  • Change pool coping
  • Add fiber-optic LED lighting
  • Make renovations to the structure of the pool itself, with tanning ledges, underwater seating, built- in table and benches

From Simple to STUNNING, We Have An Option For You.

When it come to pool plaster and finishing, not all companie are created equal.  There are dozens of variables that go into selecting the perfect pool plaster or premium finish and PoolMaxx is ready to help.  
Not only do we sell and expertly install all 4 top pool finish brands:  NPT, Diamond Brite, WetEdge & Pebble Tec, but we have the knowledge and experience to make sure you get a guaranteed install that will last.

Save Money & Increase Comfort

Our Jandy pool equipment upgrade package will save you $1000’s on electric bills and increase the comfort and enjoyment of your pool.  Consult with us and learn how a new pump, filter, heater and automation package can literally pay for itself.  PLUS, we offer a leading 3 year warranty on all new systems. 

Make A Splash! New Water Features

One of the coolest and most relaxing additions you can install during a pool remodel are water features.  Trickling waterfalls, spa spillovers and laminar jets are just a few options that can make your pool REALLY COOL.  Call us to learn more  or click the link now.