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Whether you have a pool pump problem, or a faulty filter, PoolMaxx  is the company you can trust to diagnose, repair or replace your faulty pool equipment. 

As CPO and APSP fully certified pool experts, our team is capable of troubleshooting ANY pool equipment brand.  Why pay for a diagnostic visit when PoolMaxx offers 100% FREE troubleshooting.  

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If you need a new pool pump, PoolMaxx is excited to help you find a brand new unit that will reduce your energy usage and improve system performance.  Get $200 off when you call now.

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$500 Off pool heaters, PLUS a 3 Year Bonus Warranty… the best deal in Houston.  Call PoolMaxx today and let our pool heating team find the perfect system to suit your family’s needs and budget. 

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A pool filter is the heart of your system.  Ensure crytal clear and healthy water conditions for years to come when you upgrade to a new cartridge, sand or DE system now. 

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Enjoy crystal clear and soft pool water while NEVER touching chlorine again.  Upgrade to a Salt Water Pool System and get $300 Off now.

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Control your entire pool with the touch of a button.  New pool automation solutions can make your pool completely remote controlled.

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 Whether you need a simple, replacement pool light or, perhaps you want a color changing LED experience, PoolMaxx can handle it.