Why Upgrade To A Salt Water Pool?

1. Safety

Chlorine has a reputation for being a dangerous chemical. Injuries from pool chemicals cause over 4,500 visits to the emergency room each year.

Over half of these injuries come from handling chemicals around home pools. Kids swallow chlorine tablets or someone adds too much to the water.

This isn’t a problem with salt water pools. A salt water generator uses electrolysis to convert salt into chlorine, so you don’t have to handle unsafe chemicals.

2. Less Maintenance

One of the primary advantages of salt water pools is the low maintenance when compared to chlorine pools.

All you need to do is check the generator and salt levels once in a while. You can add salt yourself or opt for one of our cleaning and maintenance plans.

Chlorine pools need weekly chlorine treatments and shocks. The chemicals need to be stored in specific conditions and are more dangerous to handle. With the ease of a salt water pool, you can spend more time relaxing in the water and less time with upkeep.

3. Water Quality

Ever come out of a swimming pool with seaweed green hair? Maybe you’re tired of fading swimsuits?

Chlorine can cause lasting effects on clothes, skin, and hair. If you have allergies or asthma, chlorine can increase your symptoms.

With a salt water pool, you won’t experience these problems. The water in salt water pools is gentler and better for your health. 

4. Lower Cost

The main difference in cost between a salt water pool vs chlorine pool is the startup vs maintenance cost.

Salt water pools need a larger initial cost to buy the generator but cost less over time. The year to year cost for salt water pool maintenance is around $50-100. Chlorine pools cost between $300-800 a year.

Warmer climates also need more chlorine on average. During hot Texas summers, you’ll appreciate the reduced cost of a salt water pool.

5. Smell

Nobody likes the nose-burning chlorine smell.

Many hotels and cruise ships opt for salt water pools for their pleasant aroma and gentle water compared to chlorine pools. And don’t worry. The salt content is low enough that it won’t taste like the ocean either.

Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine: The Bottom Line

Imagine you’re floating off the coast of a beautiful Caribbean island. There’s no toxic chlorine smell or burning eyes from harsh chemicals.

Opt for a salt water pool vs chlorine, and you can bring a taste of the beach to your home. Whether you want to save money on maintenance costs or don’t want dangerous chemicals lying around, salt water systems can be an excellent choice.

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NEVER deal with chlorine tabs or liquid again! Use the clean and pure power of salt to sanitize your pool.

Keep Your Pool Covid-Safe

Watch this video for key water condition tips that you need to know during the Covid pandemic and beyond. 

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