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Pool Repair Services

For many families in the Houston area, your pool is at the heart of family fun and relaxation. When things go wrong, it’s not really your job to diagnose the problem and attempt to fix the equipment or structural malfunctions. Doing so can pose a safety hazard and potentially end up costing you more money in the long run.

As a pool repair company that’s been in business since 2000, Poolmaxx has established a reputation for quality and honesty. When you contact us to investigate your pool issues, we will locate the source of your problems and suggest the most efficient repair at no cost.

When you want your pool and your pool equipment working correctly and fixed right the first time, call PoolMaxx, Inc. at 832-593-6299 and schedule your no-obligation system diagnostic check.

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Pool Heater Replacement

Having a working pool heater can be crucial when it comes to enjoying a comfortable swim, even in Texas.

Pool Pump Repair

A broken or malfunctioning pump can begin to cause much larger problems with your other pool equipment.

Pool Filter Repair

Inoperable pool filters can cause major issues with the cleanliness of your pool and even pose safety hazards.

Broken pool lighting poses a serious safety hazard for you, your family, and any guests enjoying your pool.

Pool Leak Repair

Pool cracks, small and large, can be the beginning of much bigger problems if not addressed early.

The Pool Repair Company Your Neighbors Trust

For more than 20 years, Poolmaxx, Inc. has worked to build an incredible team of expertly trained pool & spa professionals equipped with the knowledge and experience to fix any of your swimming pool issues.

If you are looking for a top-rated pool repair company, give Poolmaxx a call today at 832-593-6299 for your no-obligation pool repair estimate.